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It is about a person who walks in to me when the entire world walks out. I wish I remembered how she smiled at me when she saw me for the first time, though I believe I didn’t miss much as she smiles at me perhaps the same way whenever she sees me. She has been the most influential person in my life. Good in one sense, whatever I am today, blame it on her. Our life was always very rocky that is why perhaps was melodious. One day i came back home from school and saw, she made 3 rag dolls for me. She could of course buy dolls for me but this is why and how she is different. She is a fanatic Tagore lover. I remember listening to all the Geetinatyo with her during the afternoon tea. Her distinctive sense of patriotism was my favorite stories to hear. She loves to talk about and brag about her freedom fighter brothers. Seeing the slightest site of danger I always used to ask stories on my uncles in the battlefield to divert her concerns. And of course she gave in. She kicks off the day with a 30 minute telephone chatting with her youngest sister at 6 am, every single god damn day. They are funny; they would fight everyday on random issues again the following morning they will talk as if nothing has happened. Once a wounded heart told her, Mom I want to go to the mountains of Nepal and live there as a Monk, Mom replied, take me with you, not everyone needs to be a banker. To my utmost surprise she hasn’t changed a bit. Till now whenever I come back home from office, I see cut papers, handmade cars, colours all over the place. Guess what she has been up to? She is busy making her grandson some paper cars to play with.

She taught me for munazat in namaz one dont need to remember all that dua, rather Bipode more rokkha koro by Tagore can be a great dua. I believe her.

She has turned 60 today. I know with one active kidney and diabetics she might not live with me for another 60 but on this occasion all I want to tell her is, Mom you mean the world to me.


Caring for someone is not necessarily loving someone. People often confuse the emotions and trap themselves.

If someone constantly makes you unhappy, then you must build up the courage to let that person go.

Everything is fair in love and war is the most lame saying. Love should have a contract and a written expiry date! So that one fine morning we don’t wake up to an emptiness.

Simplicity possesses beauty in it’s innocence.

There is an immense pleasure and fun in being true to own soul.

When you love someone too much you tend to put imaginary qualities on that person. This is the biggest mistake you do. It gets hard when you have to separate the make believe saint from a mere human.

It is important to play fair, not play safe.

Betrayal is a knife with two sharp pointed edges. One hits the ego, another hits the love. It cuts deep. You can forgive but cant forget.

I have learnt that, people can and will do many things that are not acceptable in society.. as long as they can handle it.. everything is fair.

Everyone is dishonest to some level!!

Great people are great on one significant attribute, rest is just as simple as rest of the world.

Knowing something good and being creative about the same thing are so distant!!

Now that Harrison and Shankar both are in heaven, I beg them both Jam up a session for Bangladesh again and plea to God for happiness in Bangladesh. A concert for Bangladesh in heaven may be.

Most of the men I know around me unfortunately are a bunch of fake progressive lot. They do things exactly the way their heart desires. Expecting their obliged wives will be home after work, looking after the babies and finish the house hold chores. They, with the supreme quality (being men) will enjoy their lives in whatever way suits them most. I find them to be not only morbidly selfish but also unhappy with their personal achievements. The actions they take is some sort of rebellious acts that makes their mind apparently happy. And the ones who refuse to be obliged enough are whores. Bitch Please!

Love is an like an infection and also infectious. You don’t want immunity against it, nor you can stand the over-powering aggression of it. True love is sickness.

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