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i am drowning in greedy turquoise sea
deep so deep that it can hold the earth
i am drowning in sea full of secrets
secrets that has no mysteries to unfold
simple yet strong, casual yet splendid
secrets that has the colour of vermillion
secrets that has the wings of an eagle
like an eagle it flies with fierce and force
addictive and magnetic presence
captures my thoughts like evil spirits
i want freedom from its wrath
then, no, no freedom i require
for freedom from my secret
is freedom from you.


covered in dark green shell
for ages unknown
wisdom of the turquoise sea
a turtle slowly crawls by
mysteries untold!

Lord, I thank you for your mercy
to send me to this world as human
for the eyes I have, to see colours
to see up above and count stars
the heart that you have filled with emotions
for I can cry, laugh, mourn and rejoice
for the fingers to touch and feel the earth
to give me my legs by which I run
bold steps on green grass and desert sands
I am grateful to you for everything else
that has been created to serve me
for making me as your perfect creation
for making me the master of science
I am grateful for creating me as a woman
for the beauty I hold inside and out
the nine months of miracle that I show
I am grateful to you for the greed
the lust you have sewed with my soul
I crave to live more, I crave to win
and to you I beg more mercy
mercy to be able to look inside me
to look beyond myself
I want to take everyday as my last
give me mercy to be kind to others
I know my clock is ticking fast
every moment I loose it a little
I am in a hurry to live
to live as a human, as your best
I want your mercy for I know
you gave me only one chance
and I want to live it, as my last.

it is a gigantic room with one hundred wooden doors and no window
all the doors are polished freshly and smell of tarpene
none of the door is open, none is inviting
she assumes it is dark inside, just as dark as it is in the grave
no air, no light, suffocating and damp
not even a mite can get in or get out, it is packed
she is running round and round circling outer side of the room
she cant find the slightest opening to enter
banging on the doors, screaming aloud and kicking on the wooden frames
no one hears her, no one answers back
she has come from far, far far land with the hope to meet a soul,
to free a soul.

this room red brick house stands on a deserted island
no one lives in the nearest territory,
no cries no mourns, no hymn can be heard
no one looks out of the window from a neighbors house
to peep to see what is happening inside
she looked around for a wood, for a shovel to break in
not a leaf can be seen around
it is sun at it’s wildest, spreading heat and light
no shed to stand under to escape the sun
it is just a red brick one room house and nothing else.

suddenly, she finds a door to have been loose
perhaps she has kicked it too hard that lord has heard her
she started pushing it hard inside with all her strength
she feels another power from inside again pushing it hard
trying to close the door
and then at that moment all of a sudden
she has gained angel’s strength in her
power in her entire being, mighty ferocious and wild
she pushed inside and opened the door only to see
the soul standing for her at the door looks like her
a twin face a twin body just with all her limitations
standing in front of her like a mirror
she is glad
she feels relaxed
she is happy
finally they met.

What you do when you are torn between hearts
When you cannot decide which road to take
What do you do when two people love you
And you love them back
When both have hearts of gold
Both make you swing and sing
Warms you on a night so cold
When one understands you only by looking at your face
Another can read your eyes
When you cannot upset either of them
When you cannot love anyone less than the other
I feel the winter come, I feel chill on my skin
My lips are hard and cracked
I wonder where to go…

You have wounded my heart
If wounds could have been seen
It would have looked lot worse than a fire burn
The heart inside me has perhaps turned black as coal
The red blood turned blue and cold
It doesn’t thump anymore as a joyous beating heart
The heartbeat that was once tuned with yours
Plays rather a sad melancholic song these days
It shrank and became hard like a piece of stone
The way the heart inside Nefertiti’s mommy resides
Lonely, sad and wounded…

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