Like a prayer

Lord, I thank you for your mercy
to send me to this world as human
for the eyes I have, to see colours
to see up above and count stars
the heart that you have filled with emotions
for I can cry, laugh, mourn and rejoice
for the fingers to touch and feel the earth
to give me my legs by which I run
bold steps on green grass and desert sands
I am grateful to you for everything else
that has been created to serve me
for making me as your perfect creation
for making me the master of science
I am grateful for creating me as a woman
for the beauty I hold inside and out
the nine months of miracle that I show
I am grateful to you for the greed
the lust you have sewed with my soul
I crave to live more, I crave to win
and to you I beg more mercy
mercy to be able to look inside me
to look beyond myself
I want to take everyday as my last
give me mercy to be kind to others
I know my clock is ticking fast
every moment I loose it a little
I am in a hurry to live
to live as a human, as your best
I want your mercy for I know
you gave me only one chance
and I want to live it, as my last.


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