Monthly Archives: December 2012

What scares me most these days is the mirror
i am frightened to see a horrified face
eyes that has dark circles deep like coal
skin looks dry and rough
dark patches here and there
most of all the lost innocence
the lost glory
now it carries impurity all the way
nothing fits good, nothing looks bright
the mirror is not the face only,
it reflects what is inside
when the mind turns dirty
the face looks dirtier
dirty it looks, feels and smells.
i dont know how many litres of water
i require to wash of the dirt
what will work best as a purifier
i wish purifying a person was as easy as purifying water…..


Did they put off the light now
the room where the maestro played
the sitar lies on the wooden surface
absolute silence prevails in darkness
even in silence his magic wand
plays the dhun and chants Mangalam
like his name his spirit dazzles
in heaven and beyond
God must be only too glad.

Like everything else
Love too comes with an expire date
we fall through to feel
slight the hints and go on
we live in denial.
We believe it flows forever like the sea
we believe it shines forever like the stars.
As every beauteous day
dies in the mysterious night
like every human fair and pretty
ends with the magic of death
Love too dies.
Once green earthy leaf
turns pale and crisp
fly away with dust gently in silence
or makes a soft swirling sound
Love too dies.
At times it dies in vein, in blood and tears
But mostly it dies in silence, in laughter.
What goes on forever is the soul
The beauty that once existed.

When you see me,
and look deep into my eyes,
it is not the lady of your dreams you see.
It is me, a woman, every woman you see.
I am not an ordinary woman
only because, i can love.
For that no woman is ordinary.
My love can light up any darkness,
burn down entire amazon.
Pretty pink nails that tickles you,
turns into scratchy witch nails.
Luscious lips that warms you,
turns scarlet when they have blood on them.
I know no pain I know no fear.
I take my energy from the sun.
As you know I am a woman.
You know, when I rise I RISE
You cannot stop me.

It was a toxic affair
poisoned to the core
no tall snow top mountain to hike
or no deep blue ocean to roll
It has wings though
brown, ash and white tinted feathers
flies high, knows no where to go
So it spins around the same circle
same old burnt hearts that smell rotten
the wings fall tumble and again spin
around the same burnt rotten hearts
But the heart wants what it wants
good bad ugly crazy trash
it wants the wings
not to fly, not to hike or not to roll…

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