No ifs or buts

Today is the 20th day of Shahbag movement. Today it is the 20th day, that we have woken up, we raised our voices and being able to speak. Life after a coma is stressful. The body parts don’t work smoothly. It takes time to adjust. However it is always brilliant to be able to cherish life once again.

Shahbag has been a blessing for the country, for the people and for generations to come. If we look at the achievements of Shahbag the sack is full of success stories. Joy Bangla is to begin with. The time has come finally for Bengali Nationalism to stand united under one slogan and Joy Bangla it is. It has been the slogan of our freedom fighter forefathers who inspired themselves with this slogan. It is very peculiar to see how we can turn a song or a slogan political. If you sing “Prothom Bangladesh” you are BNP and if you sing “Shob kota Janala” you are AL. Same goes for slogans. If you look into it, Joy and Jindabad has no difference apparently. Expect for Joy is Bangla and Jindabad is not. Joy Bangla is closer to the heart. And Jindabad resonates Pakistan. However many will now promptly say Joy resonates India. Well, yes and no both. Joy is Bangla, simple.

Second, Shahbag has given the voice back to us. The courage to stand for what we believe. Courage to demand for a secular, religion friendly cultured nation. Courage to stay out all night under the sky and scream Joy Bangla. Shahbag has given us a unity. Unity beyond our political preferences. Unity that was formed during the liberation war, the integrity to stand together come what may. The silent apolitical majority has gained their political power. Great.

Shahbag has the potential to turn Bangladesh upside down, to start everything afresh. But this is a tricky game. Popularly known as politics. The caretakers of the movement are working relentlessly to make it a bigger success. To actually bag the the desired goals it requires something more. When the movement started it stood on only one demand: kader Mollar Phashi chai. Slowly it expanded to Rajakarer Phashi Chai within few hours. Later it actually turned rightfully into an anti Jamat movement, aligned with the main focus of our liberation war in 1971 . Jamat-E-Islami I like to call Jamat-non-Islam are the vendors of Islam, along with many other religious political parties. Unfortunately the shrewd Jamat has been successful in turning it to look like a hate Islam movement. The bloggers who has started the movement has their individual religious likings. Most of them are believers and some are Atheist. Jamat has fabricated the atheist bloggers into Anti Islamist. The following day, in the process since Rajib’s murder, they have circulated fake blogs and writings under Thaba Baba’s name which are extremely inappropriate and explicit. This created a major block for the Islamic minded people who are anti Jamat. They felt Thaba Baba has hurt the Islamic emotions. They distributed leaflets and poster in the rural areas to the innocent God loving (read god fearing) Bangladeshi’s. In the process we have on one hand lost a major population from the movement and secondly the character of the movement changed. Now we have to spend quite a good number of resources and time to prove WE ARE NOT ANTI ISLAM. And thus get less time to focus on the rather important part of the movement.

On other hand, lot many people are coming to ask, so, hows the AL propaganda going? They think the Gonojagaran Moncho is actually an AL patronized and facilitated movement. As one of the early birds I know and believe it is still a mass movement as it was in day one. In the main stage we do see lots of political parties and leader representing but that is very much required. It is essential to have people from all walks of life, be it AL, Chatra Union, Chatra federation, Chatra Front, other social and business organizations like FBCCI, BASIS, BGMEA, National Cricket Team, Jahanara Iman squad, Magic Movement to name just a few. We could accommodate Chatra Dol too only if they realized what they are missing. Everyone shall come join. We are mass. Who holds the mike is irrelevant as people are going by the spirit. As soon as they will see anything going against the mass interest people will lose their zeal and with a heavy heart they shall return home. This rise of masses has been a tough game. Manipulating this will not give the government a good result. The courage it has gained from the movement is bold enough to stand strong. AL still couldn’t make the mass to say Joy Bongobandhu. Not that it really changes anything but they consciously avoid being sounded AL. I thank the Chatra league too for not imposing things on the mass. However few league faces and pro league faces are always on the stage which has agitated the crowd, but this certainly hasn’t yet demotivated any. Those who say this, think twice as you are might playing a role in dividing the unity.

For the last 42 years this division made parties like Jamat to flourish. There is a popular saying: if there are two Bangladeshi’s living in one place there are 3 different groups. But currently we don’t need the division. We need stand together forgetting the differences for the moment and move on. Yes once we can save Bangladesh from the vendors of Islam we will have our entire lives to correct ourselves. This is not the time or the stage to demand other issues. This is time to unite against an evil anti liberation force who has the audacity to destroy Shahih Minar, National flag and torch inside the main mosque of the country. It is time to stand for a religion friendly secular state.

The Gonojaron Moncho should also focus on spreading the true essence of the movement to the rural people. We should form security forces for every locality. We have to give ownership to the mass. And also instead of creating havoc on who stole the credit of the movement everyone should work within their own surrounding keeping the essence of the movement same. Some responsibility also goes for the ‘celebrity atheist members’ of the movement, to be careful in choosing right words. We don’t want to hurt other people’s emotions.

The country is currently going through a very crucial time. We have come close to the victory. Therefore for the spirit of the movement we have to believe nothing can come in between, no ifs or buts.

  1. When was the last time we’ve ever heard from Ghulam Azam or Nizami?
    It’s the nasty game of politics which has kept them alive to earn votes.

    Projonmo Chottor started with “Rajakarer Fashi Chai” and ended with “6 Dofa Dabi” including increasing the unemployment rate among muslims. Will this game of hatred ever give us anything good?

    “Hang All Rajakars”

    • I wish you knew what Shariya Law is? Jamat wants to establish Shariya law, which means religion will not be a choice will be mandatory. Girls wont be able to step out without a man guarding her, you will be leashed for missing Namaz. Moududi islam means no ifs or buts too. I want a secular state thus I want jamat to be banned, and rajakars to be hanged.

      • SMO Nawed said:

        Where did Shariyah Law come from? When did I mention anything about Jamaat on my comment?

        However, before making a comment like that, just read Quran and Hadith. Islam is the only religion who won wars and still let the hostages free also educated them and provided them with peaceful living solution. So, if Jamaat is an strong follower of Shariah Law (as of your words), then you must have assumed the wrong thing.

        More about the Islamic government, learn more about the Islamic Economic Policy. It’s better than even Democracy or Socialist mindset. We need a proper person on the throne running the state with Non-Anti-Islamic theories and has studied economics.

  2. Samiul Aziz Siam said:

    the path is going to be harder and harder ahead ! but we will win this battle at any cost ! war starts with an issue but it preserves thousands of reasons behind the impatient movement ! and surely it’s a war and there is no choice without building a real rajakar free and libera; Bangladesh !

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