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If anyone ask me what scared me most when I was young, I would definitely say, my daddy’s angry eyes. He is a very short tempered man. I lost count of how many times I was beaten up by his infamous stick he kept for me. Yes I do admit I was naughty. But being beaten up was always the scariest thing. However everytime he hit me, I used to be happy on the other side too!! Firstly I am risk free for a long time and second he would get me anything out of his guilt.

He is a man who fumbled and fell many times in his life. But he is a fighter. He pulled back graciously and proudly each time he fell. May be he isnt perfect in many sense but he was a perfect father to me and Mika. I remember going up to him and confess that I am in love when I shouldnt have had an affair. He smiled and wanted to see the guy. He always tried to be my best friend, asking every details of my routine. I would get tired answering him. He never grew tired listening though. I feel sad at times how I dont listen to his stories now, how I get bored when he listens less and I have to repeat. How insensitive I grew. I wish still now he could use those sticks on me. I still need it. Baba is a modest generous guy. Stubborn, nagging and at times unreasonable too. But has a heart of a child.

Now when I look at those eyes I dont see the precious volcano that has kept me on a straight line for all these years. I rather see a cool mediterranean sea with blues. Depth of a roller coaster life! A life of fullfillment and joy. I love you baba for all that you did for me and for all that you didnt but tried. You are my best man.

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