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Women in Shahbag: Building a New Bangladesh

First published on: Tehelka Blog, 18 April, 2013.

In the last two and a half months, Shahbag Movement has been through many highs and lows. The movement started as a youth uprising – inspired by the primary teaching of our constitution – demanding justice for the bloodshed that happened 42 years back. Activists and general people want the highest punishment for the war criminals and banning of Jamaat-e-Islami from politics. These demands remain the main focus of the movement despite turmoil over the last few weeks.

Jamaat has always portrayed any action against them as “anti-Islamic”. This has been easy for them, thanks to their party’s name, but whatever action they take has very limited relationship with the proper teachings of the religion. Since the 10th day of the movement, when blogger Rajiv was murdered, Jamaat-e-Islami has been labelling the movement as anti-Islamic. Though this has caused few people to move away from the movement, most of the activists and protestors are staying true to the cause and are still steadfast in their demands for justice.

The movement is in full swing all over the country and abroad. Shahbag movement has been successful in creating a Gonojagaran Mancha in every district. There are various kinds of programmes and activities going on to keep the pressure on the administration to take all necessary steps to hold fair trials of the war criminals. The movement took a very interesting turn on 6 April when Hefazat-e-Islam, an Islamic organisation, held a rally and huge gathering in Dhaka. Though Hefazat wanted to establish it has no link with Jamaat-e-Islami, many of the Hefazat’s top leaders are associated with Jamaat. Hefazat’s demands would directly benefit Jamaat and its allies.

Hefazat has presented a 13-point demand, which goes against the spirit of the Liberation War and women’s empowerment in Bangladesh. Their demands clearly stand against secularism and social justice, as per the constitution. Hefazat also wants to put a stop to what it believes to be “foreign” or “un-Islamic” cultural practices, and mingling of boys and girls in public. Also, among the demands are: abolishment of the “anti-Islamic” inheritance law, modern education policy, and development policies benefiting women. This would mean women won’t be allowed to get equal share of property as their male siblings, women have to cover themselves according to Sharia (Islamic law), and their mobility will be restricted. Hefazat is also demanding to make Islamic education compulsory at all levels – from primary to higher secondary.

Fortunately, women of Bangladesh have boldly stood against these demands, and so did the government. Unfortunately, however, Hefazat is holding violent protests to establish its demands. They have beaten a female journalist on the day of their rally in Dhaka for “being a woman and covering their activities for the TV station she works for”.

It should be mentioned that Shagbag movement was successful from various ends but the outstanding female participation has earned a loud applause from around the world – marking themselves as equal progressive stakeholders of the development happening in Bangladesh. This has a major role in the upcoming general election as well. The working women will be crucial players as vote banks for the next election.

We are expecting the general election in 8 months. This will be one of the most crucial elections in terms of the present context and for the future too. If the current Opposition party BNP wins the election, it will be interesting to see their actions as Jamaat’s ally.

On 17 April, an article in the daily Prothom Alo caught my eye. It says that the Pakistan election commission has given a ruling against using religion as a tool in the upcoming election. For a country like Pakistan, and also for any other nation for that matter, it is important to go beyond religion when it comes to politics. Politics and religion should not be allowed to mix. We too hope for a similar ruling from our election commission.

International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh has concluded the proceedings for Ghulam Kamaruzzaman and Ghulam Azam – war criminals and Jamaat leaders. The country is eagerly waiting for the verdict. We anticipate that Jamaat will again break into violent protests nationwide if the verdict goes against their interest. The government and law enforcing agencies are required to plan security checklists to avoid further violence against the people of the country. Shahbag movement has various programmes in the upcoming days to reinforce the primary demands of the movement. The coming days might be harder for Bangladesh; however, unity will decide our fate.


First published: 18.04.2013

The recent political turmoil in Bangladesh has taken various turns and twists in the last two months. I have spoken about the spirit of Shahbag, war criminals, atheism and so many other issues. I always think, talk and write as a human being. The joys I experience, the disappointments I face, successes that I achieve all are above any gender issues. I hardly consider myself to be different as a female. I am glad simply to have been born. It doesn’t give me extra pride nor doesn’t make me insecure about being a woman.

Growing up in Bangladesh was never a threat to me, being a member of the “second sex.” Our cultural history shows that our part of the world gave women utmost respect, love and affection. I have seen my female family members always rise and shine in their own grounds and how their male counterparts support them. I have been brought up just like any other boy in my family and, in many cases, I have enjoyed more or demanded more freedom than my brothers. However at the age of 34, after I became a mother, I thought about being a woman in my country.

The Jamat E Islam very tactfully termed the Shahbag movement an atheist movement, since all the war criminals are the leaders of Jamat, the political party based on the Islamic Revolution. Hefazat E Islam launched a major showdown in Dhaka on April 6. It is assumed that over five hundred thousand Islamic activists came to the capital to protest against the Anti-Islamic opinions in blogs. They have given 13 points charter for the government to approve and immediately execute or else they will create anarchy in the country and cause a system shutdown.

The thirteen-point demands are real threats to the primary spirit of the Bangladeshi constitution. Secularism and social justice are being questioned and there are demands for change according to Islamic law. The Hefazat also wants to end all “alien” cultural practices such as immodesty, lewdness, misconduct, the culture of free mixing of the sexes, candle lighting in the name of personal freedom and free speech. They also demand the abolishment of the anti-Islamic inheritance law and women’s development policy. They want to make Islamic education compulsory in all levels from primary to higher secondary schools.

A 1971 war poster saying, “Women and daughters of Bangladesh are freedom fighters.”

The demands are extremely gender-biased and unacceptable in the present context of the world. Presently Bangladesh is a country where both the government and opposition is led by female leaders, 32 million women are working in the garment industry (the “bread earner” for Bangladesh). Female students fare better than their male counterparts in schools and the paramilitary also boasts of women troopers. If the demands of the Hefazat are to be met, they will stall the development of half of the nation.

In a news report published on April 6 in the website BDNEWS24, a garment worker said “Who will feed our families, if we stay home?” She feels insecure about the well-being of her family since she knows if female members don’t earn, the entire family will starve.

Hefazat activists, on their end, have resorted to cruel means. Nadia Sharmin, a TV reporter was brutally beaten by them while she was reporting on their meeting on April 6. They did not like the fact that a woman was reporting about them. The Hefazat believe that women should not venture outside without being accompanied by a male member. She has to cover herself in a proper manner. The Hefazat’s attitude is absolutely unacceptable; people from all walks of society have protested and demanded punishment. No one has been arrested yet. Islam doesn’t teach violence or disrespecting women. However these pseudo Islamists are violating the rules of Quran, as well as the laws of the state.

Bangladesh has achieved the United Nation’s millennium goalsin female empowerment in the past decade. The progress is highly commendable and higher than neighboring countries. To achieve the economical stability and development goals such illogical demands cannot be entertained. The government has rightly ignored these demands; however the upcoming election is the most crucial elections Bangladesh has ever faced. The vote war has put the nation divided into many opinions. I strongly pray and hope that the people who use religion as a product to abuse the power do not win, the female voters of 18-40 years will turn out to be critical for the winner.

Author: Aziza Ahmed

Editor: Manasi Gopalakrishnan

You have heard of Tahiri Square, Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street, but recently a similar movement happened in Bangladesh, that went unnoticed or comfortably ignored by the western media – Shahbag movement. I am going back 40 days, to a day which has a two-fold importance in the history of contemporary Bangladesh. It was a day when people of Bangladesh felt betrayed immensely, and at the same time it inspired the youth of Bangladesh like never before. I am going back to a day when I felt I would die on the streets if I have to, but will not leave until justice is served.

I remember I was speechless in shock that afternoon when Qader Molla the war criminal and leader of Jamat E Islam was given life imprisonment and not death sentence after proven guilty. I turned my laptop on to share my anger and frustration on face book, and noticed immediately that everyone else was also fuming in protest. Within minutes, Dr Imran H Sarkar, a member of Blogger Online Activist Network, created a face book event, calling us all to unite and form a human chain at Shahbagh to raise our voices against the unjust verdict. Usually, human chains don’t last more than an hour, but this one expanded like wildfire!

A question may arise, what took us 42 years to finally unite. This is due to the spread of education, economic empowerment and availability of information. However, for the past few years due to the mass usage of social media the youth of Bangladesh are coming to each other’s contact and getting to know various aspects of the history that was previously not there. This constant contact and discussion forums on social media enabled the youth to finally unite. In 1991, under the leadership of Jahanara Imam, mother of a martyred freedom fighter, a social movement was initiated by Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Comittee. Jahanara Imam wanted to re-establish the values of the Liberation War among the people of the country. She also staged a mock trial for the war criminals in 1992; it was called People’s Court. We have been trying to re-popularise that spirit through blogging for more than 6 years now; finally it emerged as a mass movement on February 5.

The total number of Facebook users in Bangladesh now stands at 3.2 million. It is no surprise therefore, that Shahbagh began as a movement for social, personal and national justice, aptly aided and propelled forward by social media like facebook, twitter and blogs. Although the movement took shape in the hands of tech savvy youth, Shahbagh is now home to millions of Bangladeshis from all over the country.

With the passing of each day the numbers began to grow, and the rage began to intensify. From Dhaka it spread to numerous parts of the country and abroad. Shahbagh, now known as Projonmo Chottor or Generation Square. Shahbag is no more a name of a place – Shahbag now stands for national conscience. Started as a facebook event, the mass movement evolved and two very specific and clear demands from the people emerged: all war criminals are hanged, and Jamat-e-Islami as a political party be banned.

At this point, I must also inform you that Bangladesh has over 31 million internet subscribers, while
tele density is 65.77% and internet density is 20.65%. Over the last month there were so many contents created and shared that is new in the social network history in Bangladesh. We haven’t lately uploaded any content in last one month that is not on shahbag.

Thanks to social media, Shahbag has become the biggest youth movement in Bangladesh. What is more amazing is that despite the overwhelming burst of emotions among each of us screaming for justice, till date, it has been an absolutely non-violent movement inspired by the fundamental values of our first constitution: democracy, nationalism, secularism or equal status for all religions, and socialism in the sense of social justice. At Shahbag we sang together; we talked; watched documentaries on the liberation war; listened to poems on the heroics of our freedom fighters; and peacefully re-enacted the spirit of 1971, disseminating the values to every corner of the country.

We are also fighting a cyber war against Islamic militancy & fundamentalism. We are fighting for peaceful and harmonious co-existence of all religions and ethnicities in Bangladesh. Jamat E Islami & its global network, created a well funded force working from different countries in the world, to spread propaganda through international and social media. They are getting support from international fundamentalist organizations. In order to fight back religious extremism or terrorism in the name of religion, we have to develop a global network with the support of humanists around the world.

Shibir has transferred their cyber war into cyber crime since Shahbagh. They have been creating myths and putting it on social sites. Thus creating deep divisions and confusion among general public. For instance, they targeted and hacked to death a blogger, who is known as an atheist. Immediately after the murder, shibir published a host of fake blogs in the name of that blogger, containing controversial comments against islam and prophet. They have then spread a myth about sighting of Sayedee, a convicted war criminal, on the moon. There have been numerous posts tempering pictures by photoshop. Shibir has taken the path of crime, both on the ground and off the ground. The discussion and demands that starts in Shahbag, however it continues to social media in several contents as status, images, notes, tweets and blogs. Till the movement only few hundred bloggers were actively fighting Jamat’s propagands. Since the movement began there are thousands of online activists and bloggers who are debating and fighting relentlessly against heinous attempts by Jamat Shibir.

The movement is mainly led by the online activists. An organization named Blogger and online activist network has began the movement and since Jamaat calls Shahbag an anti Islamic movement, but it is important to consider, in a country of 90% muslim population, Jamat got only 3 seats out of 300 constituencies. Jamaat doesn’t represent Islam. The Islam we understand and value, teaches us to be peaceful, not violent. In our hearts and minds they are criminals who have infiltrated our society, making money exploiting religion, and have been using these profits to continuously implement plots that are highly detrimental to national interest.

We must also bring to light the fact that demanding death penalty does not make us a blood-thirsty generation, as some have called us. The world needs to understand that for 42 years we have been denied justice. These war criminals did not just accidentally kill individuals, they had killed humanity.
Jamaat was the mastermind behind the killings of the most brilliant Bengali intellectuals right before Bangladesh was liberated, with the intention of leaving the nation crippled. It is evident that, Jamaat is a criminal organization that is infamous for politics of violence and distortion of Islam. This party and its student wing Shibir, have in recent times desecrated memorials for martyrs and burned the national flag of Bangladesh. They have hacked to death a blogger and organizer of the movement; have murdered two eyewitnesses of the war crimes tribunal. Shibir and its allies have been burning trains, uprooting railway tracks, attacking and firing upon the police, vandalizing temples, terrorizing Hindu and Buddhist families and destroying their settlements, and have stooped as low as actually burning the Holy Qu’ran and setting fire inside the National Mosque! Recent escalations of violence in Bangladesh, systematically initiated by Jamaat, have now claimed about 200 lives roughly.

Amidst all this conspiracy to prevent the legal process to bring war criminals to justice, Shahbag movement has grown stronger and more headstrong in resolve. We remain determined to re-popularize the spirit of the Liberation War and ensure the country’s progress by taking her enemies head-on.

Wael Ghonim, one of the key protestors at Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution, once told a US news show: ‘Our revolution is like Wikipedia, okay? Everyone is contributing content’. That’s how Shahbagh is evolving too. Each of us; every single one of my people who has for years dreamt of a nation proudly upholding the values that brought about our existence, is contributing whole-heartedly to the growth of Shahbagh, and its prowess to serve as a towering symbol of Bangladeshi Secularism, Socialism, Nationalism, and Democracy. Truth lies within the people.

Every nation has their unique history and certain reasons behind their actions. Those who are following Shahbag Movement already acquired some knowledge on 1971 by now. We have come together, the youth of Bangladesh, first time since liberation. In 1990, the current political parties, Awami league (ruling party) and BNP, the biggest opposition, joined hand to oust the military dictator, Ershad. We had our Tahrir Square back in 1990. This Shahbagh Movement is non-partisan, yet political, emotion driven. Our people have tolerated every corruption and disparity. We have always talked about a change in last 22/23 years of family-led fragmented democracy. The current ruling party promised the nation of trying war criminals. People wanted justice. And therefore, Awami league won a landslide victory. The International Crimes Tribunal started around with its procedures and investigation 2009.
On February 5, 2013 when butcher of Mirpur, Kader Molla was given life imprisonment, we came down on the streets, within hours of the verdict. Thousands and thousands joined in next days. We screamed ‘hang them’. We screamed for justice. Justice! Yes. We expected maximum punishment. The punishment is valid in our law of the land. We didn’t ask for anything what is not permitted in our laws. The people demanded capital punishment.
This movement is an out pour of extreme betrayal. The youths felt betrayed by the ruling party. We thought they compromised with Jamat (the collaborating party in 1971, and ally of BNP). Youths would never allow that. We had tolerated everything thrown at us, but not when it comes to our existence. JamatEIslam directly opposed to our liberation war and was ally of Pakistani army, they are against the primary teachings of the constitution and spirit of the liberation war and finally JamatEIslam, controls about 12% of the economy. They have hundreds of business. These all fund their politics, politics of anti-state activities. They still act as Pakistani agents in this country. We want an end to them, to their politics. The nation and its politicians but agree on one history, of liberation. JamatEIslam distort history; they make money and yet act against this nation.
Therefore, we want justice. We want the collaborators must be handed. Another reason for asking for capital punishment is the fear that if BNP (now opposition and ally of Jamat) wins next election, in 6/8 months time, they would free the criminals. So, if these war criminals aren’t hanged, they would walk free, and become ministers, once again. We cannot accept that, as this will be a betrayal with 3 million martyrs and 2 hundred thousand rape victims, betrayal with the intellectuals who were killed just a day before victory to cripple the nation, this will be betrayal against humanity.
Shahbagh isnt a platform to discuss punishment, but of justice. When we scream ‘hang them’, we scream for justice of 3 million who died in 9 months of 1971,. We scream to ask for justice of 200,000 women who were raped then. These collaborators helped Pakistani soldiers to commit one of the most heinous crimes in history of humanity. The genocide is compared to World War II. We are peaceful nation. Bangladesh was recently listed as one of the happiest nation of the world. Even when we die of poverty we smile. We want a new Bangladesh. We want to free our country from dirty politics, religious fanatics and anti-state elements like Jamat. We want Bangladesh to be safe place for our furutre generations to practice diversified culture and grow in a progressive society. We have re-invented the spirit of our liberation war. And if this means we need to hang people, who are against it, so be it, if it means we need to kill jamat-shibir (shibir is jamats student wing, responsible for terrorism), so be it. Blood will flow.
This is a time to talk, to discuss, to fight, all for change. We are here to finish the unfinished war of 1971. Back then, right after the war, they weren’t tried for many factors, plus even after the trials started the Father of the Nation was assassinated. It got paused for long 42 years. But now, after long 42 years, justice cannot be denied, even though delayed.
23 young activists from Rumi Squad started till death hunger strike from 26 March till April 1 – for government to act according to our demand of banning Jamat from politics. They got dehydrated and weak but still went high on moral. We feel if we can achieve this, we can go farther demanding and winning more rights for the people. This is a start of a new Bangladesh. An Uprising.

Today is the 20th day of Shahbag movement. Today it is the 20th day, that we have woken up, we raised our voices and being able to speak. Life after a coma is stressful. The body parts don’t work smoothly. It takes time to adjust. However it is always brilliant to be able to cherish life once again.

Shahbag has been a blessing for the country, for the people and for generations to come. If we look at the achievements of Shahbag the sack is full of success stories. Joy Bangla is to begin with. The time has come finally for Bengali Nationalism to stand united under one slogan and Joy Bangla it is. It has been the slogan of our freedom fighter forefathers who inspired themselves with this slogan. It is very peculiar to see how we can turn a song or a slogan political. If you sing “Prothom Bangladesh” you are BNP and if you sing “Shob kota Janala” you are AL. Same goes for slogans. If you look into it, Joy and Jindabad has no difference apparently. Expect for Joy is Bangla and Jindabad is not. Joy Bangla is closer to the heart. And Jindabad resonates Pakistan. However many will now promptly say Joy resonates India. Well, yes and no both. Joy is Bangla, simple.

Second, Shahbag has given the voice back to us. The courage to stand for what we believe. Courage to demand for a secular, religion friendly cultured nation. Courage to stay out all night under the sky and scream Joy Bangla. Shahbag has given us a unity. Unity beyond our political preferences. Unity that was formed during the liberation war, the integrity to stand together come what may. The silent apolitical majority has gained their political power. Great.

Shahbag has the potential to turn Bangladesh upside down, to start everything afresh. But this is a tricky game. Popularly known as politics. The caretakers of the movement are working relentlessly to make it a bigger success. To actually bag the the desired goals it requires something more. When the movement started it stood on only one demand: kader Mollar Phashi chai. Slowly it expanded to Rajakarer Phashi Chai within few hours. Later it actually turned rightfully into an anti Jamat movement, aligned with the main focus of our liberation war in 1971 . Jamat-E-Islami I like to call Jamat-non-Islam are the vendors of Islam, along with many other religious political parties. Unfortunately the shrewd Jamat has been successful in turning it to look like a hate Islam movement. The bloggers who has started the movement has their individual religious likings. Most of them are believers and some are Atheist. Jamat has fabricated the atheist bloggers into Anti Islamist. The following day, in the process since Rajib’s murder, they have circulated fake blogs and writings under Thaba Baba’s name which are extremely inappropriate and explicit. This created a major block for the Islamic minded people who are anti Jamat. They felt Thaba Baba has hurt the Islamic emotions. They distributed leaflets and poster in the rural areas to the innocent God loving (read god fearing) Bangladeshi’s. In the process we have on one hand lost a major population from the movement and secondly the character of the movement changed. Now we have to spend quite a good number of resources and time to prove WE ARE NOT ANTI ISLAM. And thus get less time to focus on the rather important part of the movement.

On other hand, lot many people are coming to ask, so, hows the AL propaganda going? They think the Gonojagaran Moncho is actually an AL patronized and facilitated movement. As one of the early birds I know and believe it is still a mass movement as it was in day one. In the main stage we do see lots of political parties and leader representing but that is very much required. It is essential to have people from all walks of life, be it AL, Chatra Union, Chatra federation, Chatra Front, other social and business organizations like FBCCI, BASIS, BGMEA, National Cricket Team, Jahanara Iman squad, Magic Movement to name just a few. We could accommodate Chatra Dol too only if they realized what they are missing. Everyone shall come join. We are mass. Who holds the mike is irrelevant as people are going by the spirit. As soon as they will see anything going against the mass interest people will lose their zeal and with a heavy heart they shall return home. This rise of masses has been a tough game. Manipulating this will not give the government a good result. The courage it has gained from the movement is bold enough to stand strong. AL still couldn’t make the mass to say Joy Bongobandhu. Not that it really changes anything but they consciously avoid being sounded AL. I thank the Chatra league too for not imposing things on the mass. However few league faces and pro league faces are always on the stage which has agitated the crowd, but this certainly hasn’t yet demotivated any. Those who say this, think twice as you are might playing a role in dividing the unity.

For the last 42 years this division made parties like Jamat to flourish. There is a popular saying: if there are two Bangladeshi’s living in one place there are 3 different groups. But currently we don’t need the division. We need stand together forgetting the differences for the moment and move on. Yes once we can save Bangladesh from the vendors of Islam we will have our entire lives to correct ourselves. This is not the time or the stage to demand other issues. This is time to unite against an evil anti liberation force who has the audacity to destroy Shahih Minar, National flag and torch inside the main mosque of the country. It is time to stand for a religion friendly secular state.

The Gonojaron Moncho should also focus on spreading the true essence of the movement to the rural people. We should form security forces for every locality. We have to give ownership to the mass. And also instead of creating havoc on who stole the credit of the movement everyone should work within their own surrounding keeping the essence of the movement same. Some responsibility also goes for the ‘celebrity atheist members’ of the movement, to be careful in choosing right words. We don’t want to hurt other people’s emotions.

The country is currently going through a very crucial time. We have come close to the victory. Therefore for the spirit of the movement we have to believe nothing can come in between, no ifs or buts.

(এই লেখার সাথে জীবিত, মৃত, অর্ধ মৃত বা অসহায় কারো মিল নিতান্তই কাকতালীয় )

ঈশ্বরচন্দ্র বিদ্যাসাগরকে একবার সাহেবরা জিজ্ঞেস করেছিলোঃ (মতান্তরে বঙ্কিমচন্দ্র)

ঈশ্বর, বল এপ্যাদ (আপদ) আর বিপ্যাদের (বিপদের) মাঝে পার্থক্য কি?

তিনি বললেন, এই যে তোমরা ভিনদেশী আমাদের শাসন করছো এইটা বিপদ, আর ইংরেজের কাছে বাংলা পরিক্ষা হল আপদ।

গল্পটা মাথায় আসলো শাহবাগ প্রসঙ্গে।

শাহবাগের আন্দোলনের কিছু আপদ আর বিপদ আছে… এই আপদ আর বিপদের আবিষ্কার নিতান্তই আমার কপিরাইট মানে এই মন্তব্যের সাথে শাহবাগকে বা অন্য কোনও আন্দোলনকারি দায়ি নয়।

শাহবাগের বিপদঃ

জামাত-নন-ইসলাম আর জামাত শিবির। এখানে মতান্তর না হবার সম্ভাবনা বেশী।

শাহবাগের আপদঃ সহজ ভাষায় কেপি (কাঁঠাল পাতা) পসিটিভ!

১। ঊউচ্চ শিক্ষায় সুশিক্ষিত লিবারাল জনগোষ্ঠী। (এরা সাধারণত রাস্তায় নামেন না। সামাজিক মিডিয়াতে কাজ করেন। অহ! বিদেশী পত্রপত্রিকায় লেখেন) – এদের ধরন হলো এরা ফাঁসি দেখতে পারে না। বড় মায়া হয় ফাঁসি শুনলে। একবিংশ শতকে এসে পশুর মত আচরণ কেন করবে? এদের বলিঃ এর পর বিএনপি ক্ষমতায় গেলে যাবজ্জীবন সাজাপ্রাপ্ত আসামীরা মুক্তি পাবে না, নিশ্চয়তা দিলে এক্ষনি বাড়ি যাই গা। না হইলে তখন আপনাদের ফাঁসির দাবি নিয়া মাঠে নামব।

২। হালকা বিএনপি পন্থি। (আসলে দ্বিধান্বিত) – এদের দাবি আরে রাজাকার কি শুধু জামাতরা নাকি? আওয়ামী লীগে রাজাকার নাই? কেনো তাদের ফাঁসি দাবি হচ্ছে না। আরে ভাই, মহিষ গুলারে আগে দেখি, ছাগল পরে।

৩। কড়া বিএনপি পন্থি বা ছিদ্রান্বেষী ধরি মাছ না ছুঁই গোষ্ঠী বা কোনো কোনো ক্ষেত্রে টাইগার বাম গোষ্ঠী । (এদের আমরা সবাই চিনি) – এদের দাবি, যদি জামাত কল্লা কাটে তবে ছাত্র লীগ কি করে? পদ্মা ব্রিজ, ট্রানজিট, বিশ্বজিৎ, কেন আমাদের ৬ দফায় নাই। হায় হায় আন্দোলন তো আওয়ামী লীগ হাইজ্যাক করলো। আমরা যারা দিনরাত মাঠে থাকি তাদের কাছ থেকে শুনেনঃ আওয়ামী লীগ হাইজ্যাক করে নিবে কই? এত বড় পকেট নাই আমাদের দেশের কোনো দলের। জনগণের ক্ষমতার শক্তি চেনেন?

৪। হতাশা গোষ্ঠী। (কোনো কিছুই এদের মন ভরাতে পারে না, রামগরুড়ের ছানা কিছিম) – কি হবে? এরা কি পাবে? শাস্তি কি হবে? আমার মনে হয় এখন এক্সিট প্ল্যান করা উচিত। এইসব হাঙ্গামা আর ভাল্লাগে নারে ভাই। অনেক তো হইল…

৫। ধর্ম গেলো গোষ্ঠী। – অনেকে ভুইলাও পশ্চিমে হোঁচটও খায় না কিন্ত রাজিবের ব্লগে জাত যায়। অনেকে খুবই ধার্মিক কিন্তু আন্দোলনের চেয়ে তাদের ধর্ম বড়। মানে ইয়ে, রাজাকারের সাথে সাথে রাজীবরেও পারলে ঝুলায়ে দেয়। কি বিবেক!!

৬। ধান্দাবাজ গোষ্ঠী। (বয়স ৪৫+ দেশের সকল ঘি খাওয়া) – রথ বলে আমি দেব, পথ বলে আমি, মুর্তি বলে আমি দেব হাসেন অন্তর্যামী। যদিও এরা আপদ না, বিপদ। কিন্তু এরা ভীতু তাই আপদে রাখলাম। এরা ডিরেক্টলী আওয়ামী লীগ না কিন্তু আওয়ামী গন্ধ আসে গা থেকে। – এরা আন্দোলনের ক্রেডিট চায়। হায়! হায়! হায়!

সকলকে বলি – একটাই দাবি – ফাঁসি ফাঁসি! রাজাকারের ফাঁসি।

– একজন অতি সামান্য কর্মী।

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