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I am currently high on health, beauty and fashion issues. My secret wish to have a spa or an aromatherapy centre is on my mind all the time. Hence I have decided to write 2/3 posts on health, beauty and fashion for summer. Though I hardly do any of the following but I can assure you this particular post will benefit your overall health, beauty and skin. I am no beautician or health specialist. However over the years I have been attached to leading magazines and news papers of Bangladesh and have gone through so many articles, books and spoke to lots of specialists. This is an extract of all my findings for the last 10 to 15 years.

I am not in favor of any strict diet regime. As this is difficult, stressful and consumes money and energy. Therefore I suggest you to eat 3 good meals a day with other healthy snacks items. To kick start the day in the early morning when you wake up take a glass full of warm water. Before going to the morning walk take the water and few almonds or a toast.

For us Bengali having 2 brown chapatti, with vegetable and a boiled egg is more than enough in breakfast. Make sure that the vegetable do not lose the food value in the process. Skimmed milk, corn flakes or dry fruit muesli, boiled egg and a glass of wood apple juice can give you a healthy meal for the morning.  Lots of other options like rolled oats with milk, yogurt, and fruits are good. Try to avoid Paratha, butter and cheese spreads. You can also make a smoothie with skimmed milk, honey, strawberries and take it at one go and you are ready for the day.

When you go out always pack your food with you. This is the best way you can safe guard your health. We get to eat out more if we don’t have our home cooked food with us or else we starve. Either way it is very unhealthy. We stop at our favorite bakery or food court and end up buying mushroom chicken patties, or a burger. For me I eat chicken corn soup and wonton for lunch, whenever I don’t get my lunch from home.  So pack 2 fruits for mid morning and after lunch and get a good lunch for yourself. A small helping of rice, vegetable and a portion of protein (fish, meat or chicken).  I suggest always alternate the protein so that you don’t get bored of your lunch.  Make it easy to eat. Don’t complicate with lots of ntity gritty.

In the afternoon take a cup of green tea, lemon tea and a fruit or nuts of your choice. Not bowl of nuts but only a few.   An apple is a great idea too.  It is rightly said “an apple a day keeps doctor away”. Apple is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. Helps in keeping teeth bright and strengthening gum, it also promotes healthy digestive system. Plus if you have an apple before your lunch in mid morning you will eat less for lunch.  Apart from apple, Bananas mainly consist fiber and is rich source of energy (natural sugar) and Iron. It also contains calcium which helps in anemia promotes healthy bones and kidney.  Raw or cooked cabbage inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat. Hence, it is of great value in fat reduction. Take several times a day at regular intervals. Mix it with other salad items like Tomatoes, bean sprouts, yogurt etc.

Papaya, oranges, strawberries are also great source of vitamin C, E and A. These fruits help digestion and also detoxify impurities and cleanse your body system. Drinking green tea, mint tea or cardamom tea is also very good for digestion.

For dinner stick to basics. Chapati / brown bread, vegetable is absolutely fine. Eat moderate, not over dosing your stomach.  Or you can take a bowl of vegetable soup and brown bread etc.You can also drink a warm glass of milk at bed time for those good night dreams. Remember always stop eating when you eat for soul than filling your stomach.

With all these it is important to skip sugar, rice and oil if you are looking for fast weight lost. Drink minimum of 15 glasses of normal temperature water every day. This is in fact the best medication. Walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, cycling or gym whatever is convenient for you just start working out right away.

It is always suggested to have quite moments with own self for having control on your mind and body.

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