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Like everything else
Love too comes with an expire date
we fall through to feel
slight the hints and go on
we live in denial.
We believe it flows forever like the sea
we believe it shines forever like the stars.
As every beauteous day
dies in the mysterious night
like every human fair and pretty
ends with the magic of death
Love too dies.
Once green earthy leaf
turns pale and crisp
fly away with dust gently in silence
or makes a soft swirling sound
Love too dies.
At times it dies in vein, in blood and tears
But mostly it dies in silence, in laughter.
What goes on forever is the soul
The beauty that once existed.


I know I can conquer the world
If I try I can dive deep sea
Jump from the sky above
This is not enough for me.
For I couldn’t conquer you
I am not the queen of your heart
I am like a big barren ocean
Without a drop of water in it
It will need an eternity to fill me up
So love me, love me more my dear.
Colour my mornings with golden rays
Evenings with rainbow splashes
Nights with silver threads and pearls
I can hold much as you give and more
Crave for me as I crave for you.

I have been given only one life.
To be born
To grow up.
To love and to give
To hold and to get.

But how short life is
For all these to be done
I need one life to be born
Another to grow up
Alas!! I have none.

I need one life
Only to look at you.
One more just to love.
May be once again
To shed tears, for the lost dove.

I live every moment
I fear to die.
I fear to be apart from you
To say good bye.
And I go on living……

For whom this love song for,
May be love itself.
We do not love individuals,
We love the feeling of
Being in love.

Ornamented clouds
With silver linnings,
And white shadow
Painted on blue sky.
Sings the glory of love.

Glittery water
On a summer pond,
Little naughty waves
Pulled by winds unbound.
Sings the glory of love.

Love beckons,
Not you
Not me
Not even him,
Love beckons love.

I have loved you.
I loved your beautiful face the bronze skin.
Deep brown stressed eyes.
Sharp nose that distinguishes you from others, I loved that too.
I loved your neck, I loved how the veins come out when you scream or sing.
I slept on your chest, hairy chest that holds the beautiful heart inside you.
Those hands and long strong fingers too.
I loved your legs, tired yet spirited.
Believe me when I say I loved you.
I loved you by every inch.

I loved how you talk, and how you move your hands when you talk.
I loved those careless insensitive words you used against me.
Yes. I loved those.
And when you are angry, you look strange. Your face muscles tightens up. You frowner.
I loved your smile open, loud and bewildered.
Fast long steps you take when you walk.
I loved you wrapped in a shawl on a chilled winter night. I loved it all.

Believe me when I say I loved you.

You believe in your dreams, you believe the world will be united one day.
I wait for that day too.
But most of all I loved when you loved me back. I lived.

If anyone ask me what scared me most when I was young, I would definitely say, my daddy’s angry eyes. He is a very short tempered man. I lost count of how many times I was beaten up by his infamous stick he kept for me. Yes I do admit I was naughty. But being beaten up was always the scariest thing. However everytime he hit me, I used to be happy on the other side too!! Firstly I am risk free for a long time and second he would get me anything out of his guilt.

He is a man who fumbled and fell many times in his life. But he is a fighter. He pulled back graciously and proudly each time he fell. May be he isnt perfect in many sense but he was a perfect father to me and Mika. I remember going up to him and confess that I am in love when I shouldnt have had an affair. He smiled and wanted to see the guy. He always tried to be my best friend, asking every details of my routine. I would get tired answering him. He never grew tired listening though. I feel sad at times how I dont listen to his stories now, how I get bored when he listens less and I have to repeat. How insensitive I grew. I wish still now he could use those sticks on me. I still need it. Baba is a modest generous guy. Stubborn, nagging and at times unreasonable too. But has a heart of a child.

Now when I look at those eyes I dont see the precious volcano that has kept me on a straight line for all these years. I rather see a cool mediterranean sea with blues. Depth of a roller coaster life! A life of fullfillment and joy. I love you baba for all that you did for me and for all that you didnt but tried. You are my best man.

It started on a glorious night on the beach.
The beautiful dark sky, million stars guided us through the night.
We sat like two stranger owls.
Talking on endless matters.
I walked on with you keeping my arms in yours in the cold sea water.
The waves came to us in hundreds, in thousands.
We were too busy discovering each other.
We lost the count of the waves.
Our favourite poets helped us with the words we wanted to tell each other.
It was one of the most beautiful moment.
The ever known beach also seemed unknown and myterious just as you were.
Then we spent some years together in laughter and tears.
In happiness and health.
But sadly we still remain strangers.

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